Rev. Gary describes Unity’s Five Step Prayer process and shows how it can lead us to fulfillment and peace.

Sunday, June 23, 2019 “Why Pray?”
Affirmation: “In Prayer I realize my Oneness with Spirit and all people.”

All Thoughts are Prayers
“Prayer without ceasing is to put God in charge of your life.”
–James Dillet Freeman

Praying From, not To
“Prayer is not conditioning God with our needs, but conditioning our lives with the activity of God.”
-Eric Butterworth

Unity’s Five Step Prayer ~ Step One: Relaxation
“Loosening the tight mental grip we have on ourselves in order that the healing Christ life may flow freely through our being.”
–Charles Fillmore

Unity’s Five Step Prayer ~ Step One: Relaxation
“My use of denial and affirmation in positive thinking is not turning away from reality; but rather the activity of seeing beyond false appearances to a higher, truer perception of reality.”
-PATTERNS FOR SELF-UNFOLDMENT, by Randolph & Leddy Schmelig)

Unity’s Five Step Prayer ~ Step Two: Concentration: Intention and Attention
“In prayer, attention is the concentration of the mind upon a statement of Truth.”
-Charles & Cora Fillmore, Teach Us to Pray

Unity’s Five Step Prayer ~ Step Three: Meditation
“To open yourself to the inspiration of your indwelling Lord and then listen for Its inspiration…this is meditation.”
–May Rowland

Unity’s Five Step Prayer ~ Step Four: Realization
“The deep inner conviction and assurance of the fulfillment of an Ideal.”
–Charles Fillmore, The Revealing Word

Unity’s Five Step Prayer ~Step Five: Thanksgiving
“Praise and thanksgiving impart the quickening spiritual power that produces growth and increase in all things.”
-Charles Fillmore, Prosperity

Why Pray?
“The primary aim of any spiritual endeavor is a greater awareness and realization of Christ Consciousness. This is accomplished by being still and meditating into the Silence.”
–Paul Hasselbeck

The Invitation
Practice the Five Step Prayer daily for the next 21 days.

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