The Unity Singers Spotlight:Emily Briggs

The Unity Singers Spotlight:Emily Briggs

by Jenny Jurica
This is the latest installment in a new feature where we’ll dive deep and get to know some of the familiar faces and fixtures in our congregation. This post marks the second profile highlighting our incredible Unity Singers who delight our hearts (and ears) every Sunday with original tunes and soul-shaking rhythms.

Surely, you’ve noticed Emily Briggs on stage with the Unity Singers every Sunday. Emily’s soulful voice, coupled with her ability to flit from bass guitar, to the violin, to the keyboard make her an integral part of the band and our congregation.  

What you might not know about Emily is that, on any given Sunday, in addition to being ready to hop on any musical instrument on stage, she’s also at the ready to jet off and deliver a baby at a moment’s notice. You see, not only is Emily an important part of our Unity community, but she’s also an important part of the New Braunfels community. Briggs Family Medicine, located just down the road from the church, is a family medical practice where Emily also practices Obstetrics.

The Briggs family has lived in New Braunfels for almost a decade, where Emily, her husband, and two daughters have established their home. Emily’s love for music stems from childhood, where she grew up playing the violin in school. As for the other instruments that Emily plays, she says that she just figured out how to play them on her own.

Emily counts Elton John and Freddie Mercury as her musical influences and you can find her at both services every Sunday, helping to fill our sanctuary and bless our spirits with her musical talents.


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