If you want something planned to the last detail, get Thom Ricks to put his creative genius to work on it. That is, if you can catch him between serving as the newest member of Unity of New Braunfels Board of Trustees, conceiving, painting and marketing the masterpieces that populate his Gruene art gallery, hosting artists workshops, traveling, and being a devoted husband to Jodi and friend to the world. Thom’s inspired vision is clear in the enormously generous gift of the magnificent “Namaste Jesus” painting that graces the platform wall of our sanctuary, standing with open arms to welcome all who enter. This image will factor heavily into our 21st Anniversary Fundraiser in October, which Thom has graciously consented to spearhead. From sticky note seeds of thought affixed to a door from his home to the portal of boundless opportunity, the photo captures only a small slice of the preparation he put into conducting a meeting of the Lift-Off Team, one of the five planning teams with which he will be coordinating to assure a successful event. Expect to begin hearing all about it by mid-August, 2019!

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