In 2003, the last thing on Tim Anderson’s mind was finding a church. He was in his element, at one with nature, making arrowheads to supplement his simple life style on the bank of the beautiful Guadalupe River. So when his friend with the same first name, the late Tim Brunn, expressed excitement over discovering Unity, the response was less than enthusiastic. “But these people are gentle, Tim.” Arrrroop! (Picture Scooby-Doo’s ears shooting up.)


The name back then was Unity Church of Practical Christianity, which piqued his curiosity even more. What could possibly be practical about Christianity? So Tim and Tim trundled off together one fine Sunday morning to be met with the uncommonly compelling love of gentle people. The vision statement in use at that time was something to the effect of “We are an open-minded metaphysical family. […] Welcome home!” At those two powerful concluding words, Tim immediately knew that he was home, and has been bringing his own gentle presence and immense creative gifts to the family table in a variety of ways ever since. He has regularly helped in the office with everything from folding bulletins to designing graphics, and is currently learning to operate the new sound booth.

When the Borens joined in 2007, Tim was one of the first people we had the pleasure of meeting. He and Charley share an affinity for all things Native American, specifically Cherokee. A few photos taken at our home in 2012 reflect those interests and skills.

ArrowheadsTim’s definitive guide on making arrowheads has received a plethora of high-rating reviews on Amazon. He has also authored nine fiction novels based on subjects ranging from Cherokee lore to science fiction to psychological thriller, and produced ten nature and New Age music CDs entirely from sounds made on his computer. Have a listen to the first track from Tribe & Earth.

I enjoy picking Tim’s massive brain on just about any topic, because it seems there’s hardly anything he doesn’t know or, as you see, can’t do, especially if a sure hand and infinite patience are involved. Case in point (reposted from his Facebook page with permission).

Church members will recognize the beloved Rev. Claude MacDonald, who made his peaceful transition to the next plane of existence in 2017. Claude was a friend and mentor who continues to hold a place of honor in many hearts, as on Tim’s wall. These ships are being built for donation to silent auctions by worthy nonprofit organizations. River City Advocacy was the grateful recipient of the first. Another blog article will appear here soon with a photo array following the transformation from toothpick to ship-in-a-bottle.

What’s more, Tim’s sense of humor is a treat. Next time you see him, ask to hear his favorite joke.

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