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Choir Appreciation

Our enthusiastic singers and the generosity of Donna Burns and Gwen Gabriel in volunteering hours of rehearsal contributed to a joyful Christmas mood on December 15 to underscore the advent message of love. There are murmurings of wanting to do it again at Easter and other special occasions, so let’s…

Magus #2 – Huge To-Do List

Another unexpected guest stopped by our December 9 service in search of the gathering of Magi heading out to follow that star. This high-strung young Magus (played by Quinton Walker) has s-o-o-o-o-o-o many things to take care of before the journey can begin. What can we do to get him on his way?

See the question answered, along with Rev. Gary’s message and meditation on developing a peaceful mind and heart, “Tuning Into Peace“, and subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re there.

Magus #1 – Follow That Star

An excited representative from the Eastern Magi Association interrupted our Sunday morning service with news of an important discovery, a “unique celestial presentation” appearing in the heavens. Comet? Planetary convergence? What could it possibly be? Watch the full conversation with the Magus (played by Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband) along with…