Unity people arriving for our 11:00 service on March 10 reported an unusual degree of robust laughter and related sounds of enthusiastic camaraderie emanating from the patio. On further investigation, it was revealed to be our first Speed Greeting session already in full swing.

Even with churchgoers all over the country sleeping in because they forgot to set their clocks forward, a joyous mood of awakening was in the air as we welcomed the arrival of a beautiful Spring day in New Braunfels. The perfect opportunity for members and regular attenders to pair up at two-minute intervals and learn things about one another that might not otherwise come up in conversation. Who knew that Susan loves giraffes, Cathy’s favorite movie is “Avatar”, and Pete was led to Unity 30 years ago?

It was a bit like herding cats to get the lines formed initially, but once the logic of moving a step to the left became apparent, the do-si-dos went fairly smoothly. There was a mix of reluctance and eager anticipation each time the bell signaled a change of partner, and some of these conversations were no doubt continued in the foyer on the way into the sanctuary. Different players and observers drifted in and out during the festivities, and all agreed it’s something we definitely want to do on a regular basis.

Special thanks to Kelly Keiser of the Landscape Team for making the patio so inviting, and to Kelly Brietzke of the Communications Team for coming up with the speed-greeting idea. Camera operator confusion resulted in Mary shooting herself in the foot instead of recording exuberant exit clips from some of the participants … so here’s a jostled but sincere thanks to everyone else.