Unity of New Braunfels is pleased to be participating in Unity Worldwide’s EarthCare Ministry Team in “fostering the awareness of our spiritual oneness with our Earth home and to promote active care of creation.” The high points of the program are quoted below, and you can read more about it at unityworldwideministries.org/earthcare

Statement of Purpose

The Unity movement is guided by a vision of sacredness and the inter-connectedness of all, the interdependence of all life. It is a journey of spiritual relationships with Earth and its creatures. It is through awakened consciousness that we see everything as the presence of God.

Climate Change

As humanity has been primarily responsible for climate change, we affirm that it will be humanity which will co-create a vision of the environmentally conscious use of energy and our planet’s fragile resources. We joyfully participate in our God-given role as good stewards of the Earth. Through prayer, meditation, church or spiritual center-inspired activism, and the skillful use of media, we affirm that the Unity movement is a world leader in advancing the growth of environmental consciousness and right action.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a spiritual practice. It raises our consciousness of how we care for ourselves and the earth. It helps restore our sacred relationships with the earth, animals and all creation.


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