Maggie Alderman is Graduating!

Maggie Alderman is Graduating!

Dearest friends, family, teachers and mentors,

It sometimes feels like just yesterday that I said “yes” to the call of ministry.  One by one you all heard from me this news and each of you cheered and supported me in more ways than I can count! One thing is for certain, I wouldn’t be crossing this finish line without every one of you!  You all held me up, prayed me up, gave me opportunities to practice and grow, and stretch.  You held the vision for me when I was blurry eyed and couldn’t see my own path clearly.  You believed in me.  It isn’t often that words fail me and now I cannot seem to find all the right words to fully express my deep gratitude and love for all of you!  Thank you, and I love you will have to suffice.  

Four years later we are having virtual graduation and ordination – details are below.  When I get links I will share that too.  But for now…

Save the Date
You’re invited to attend the graduation ceremony for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute on June 15 at 1:30 p.m. (CT) followed by the ordination ceremony for UWSI, Unity Urban Ministerial School, Field Program and International Ministerial Program at 3:30 p.m. (CT). We hope you can join us virtually for these ceremonies. We will provide an invitation with the links by June 11.  We are looking forward to celebrating our graduates: Maggie Alderman, Ellen Barron, Faith Cotter, Jim Ernstsen, Randie Jacobs, Karen Patrick, Brenda Peters, Tracey Quillen and Cindy Yamamoto for completing their studies. Rev Dan Beckett and Maggie Alderman will give the commencement addresses.

Deepest gratitude, appreciation and love for you all!

(Soon to be) Rev. Maggie