While on a recent river cruise I had a feeling to check my pocket for my wallet and it was not there.  My head said “you will never see that wallet again and as for the money, you can kiss it goodbye“. At that same moment I remembered a saying that I heard from Linda, A Licensed Unity Teacher, “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.“

When I got back to the ship, I thought it was left in the room and I soon found out that it was not. Because I believe in faith and the power of prayer, I  opened the uPray app and sent a request that my wallet be returned. The cruise director said we will continue looking for wallet, I told him that I know that it will appear. The cruise director was amazed how confident I was that the wallet would appear. I told him about Unity’s website and even gave him a copy of The Daily Word.

I was on the last day of the cruise when the cruise director approached me and said he had good news. The wallet had been found, the wallet had fallen out of my pocket and was found on the tour bus. The lost wallet presented so many blessings. My faith was strengthened, the Daily Word was kept at the front desk where it could be read by members of the ship’s crew.  When I returned from the cruise, I had an extra $ 400.00 that I would have probably spent on souvenirs I did not need.

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