As one of our devoted prayer chaplains, Steve knows deep in his heart that “All things are possible with God” is not just an empty platitude. In our Sunday morning service of February 10, 2019, Steve shared his inspired vision by guiding our congregation on an amazing journey, which we in turn invite you to join and freely share. The opening prayer rings with echoes of Ho’oponopono, the beautiful and sacred Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. A transcript of the meditation follows the video.

I’ve had something run through my mind and I cannot get rid of it. It’s something that I think I need to do here; I don’t know if I need to do it for you or for me. So we’re going to do something a little bit different than what, traditionally, the opening prayer might be. So before I ask you to close your eyes, please do me a favor and look around in the room here and look at the people around you. Those in front turn back and look. I’m going to ask you to remember this vision in a minute.

Okay, very good, thank you. If you would, please, close your eyes.

I am sorry, God, for allowing my judgment of other people to separate me from You. Forgive me, God, for keeping those judgments, again keeping me away from you. I thank you, God, for being there during this time and helping me grow. I love you very much.

Okay, I ask you to remember the people in the sanctuary today, and I want you to vision that we are all standing in a circle and that one by one we start holding hands, and as we hold the person’s hand next to us, that light of the unconditional love of God that’s in us grows a little brighter. As hands are going around, each time the light of unconditional love of God keeps growing brighter and brighter, to the point that it fills this sanctuary so much it has to spill out the doors, into the foyer, and that can’t hold it. It spills through the doors, out into the streets of our community, New Braunfels, and we keep getting more hands held, and the light keeps growing brighter and brighter. And we light up New Braunfels all the way. But we don’t stop there.

We continue to Texas, and Texas is a big state, but we get it all covered—the entire state of Texas lit up with the light of the unconditional love of God. And it keeps growing north, south, east, west.

We fill up all of North America, all of Canada, all of Mexico, getting brighter and brighter all the time. And we start seeing some of the things that separate us from other people on the way. No longer is there short and tall, fat or thin, old or young. We are one people.

And we continue on down to Central America, to South America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile—all the countries down there. And we are one bright half a world so far. Then we cross the ocean.(Do not get caught up with holding hands across the ocean, because with God all things are possible).

We go to Europe, and we start lighting up Europe. Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Greece—all of Europe. And all of a sudden, some of the other things that separate us from one another, which in turn separates us from God, such as being married or single, rich or poor, weak or strong, are no longer there.

And we move over to the Middle East. God, we know we need to go to the Middle East, and we light up all the countries there. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan. And some more of the things fall aside that separate us from one another, which also separates us from God. No longer male, female, straight or gay, winner or loser. No more gold, silver, or bronze medals.

We move on to Asia, lighting up all of Asia, and as each of more hands are connecting all across Asia, we lose more of those things that separate us: oppression, slavery, racism. We don’t see black, white, yellow, or brown any more.

And we continue on, last but not least, to the last continent—that’s Australia—and we’re going to Australia and all the islands in between that we have passed. And finally, the big things that separate us are no longer there—languages, borders, walls, fences, politics, social and economic systems, and the big one, religions. And we’re aglow with the light of the unconditional love of God. No longer is there poverty, hunger, disease, bigotry, hate, war, and the most important one: No longer is there fear.

I want you to envision that you are on the International Space Station and that you are looking down at the Earth. I want you to see the glow around the Earth that is the unconditional love of God. We no longer see air pollution over our great cities. No more polluted oceans, river, and streams. Rainforests are growing back, no more devastated for commercial gain. And animals are no longer hunted to extinction for profit and sport.

If we read our vision statement, that is, “a world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening”, did I not just describe that? Unfortunately, we will not see that in our lifetime, but every time we read the vision statement I want you to picture that picture that you saw when you were standing on the space station and looking down at Earth.

Now I want to bring you back from this journey, back to where we were here in the sanctuary. Again, we’re in a circle holding hands. This room cannot hold the light of the unconditional love of God as it bursts through the doors and bursts through the outside, and again starts filling up the streets of our community of New Braunfels. Our mission statement is embodied in that vision. “Acknowledging the divinity within, we welcome and empower all through fellowship, education, and service to our community and the world.”

This we can accomplish in our lifetime. I love each and every one of you. The Christ in me sees the Christ in you. The unconditional love in me sees the unconditional love of God in you.

Namaste. Thank you very much for joining me on this journey. And so it is, amen.


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