In keeping with our vision of “a world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening“, this website was renovated to coincide with the June, 2019, livestream launch of our complete Sunday Celebration Service, and we can now invite “the world” to interact hand-in-hand with our local membership in expanding the web outreach of Unity of New Braunfels throughout the week.

All are welcome to engage in discussion on our public posts and pages, inviting extended family and friends to do likewise. Simply filling in a name and valid email address on the reply form will assure that a real person is behind the words, not a robot or spambot. Your email address will not be shown on the comment or used for any other purpose. (See our privacy policy.) Once your first comment has been manually approved, you can return and offer further replies that will appear on the site immediately as long as you use the same name and email address. The login button on the top left corner of any page offers the convenience of signing in with your WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo account. This qualifies you as a public follower or, in the terminology of WordPress, a “subscriber”. You don’t need a username or password to sign in that way.

For access to the cozier social areas of the site (via BuddyPress) that are not publicly viewable, you’ll need to actually register and provide a little more information. Real names and faces are preferred, but if you’re uncomfortable with that we’ll meet you where you are. Once your profile is completed and approved, you are considered a full-fledged site “member”, not to be confused with church membership. After that, you can log in either way—with your username and password or via Facebook, Google, etc.—and you’ll see much more after doing so. If you forget your password, you can reset it. We hope to get acquainted with people from all locales, cultures and walks of life in the enjoyment of sharing a diversity of interests and ideas. Think of it as a quieter, kinder, gentler, noncommercial Facebook. No soliciting. Leave the politically divisive rhetoric and offensive language behind and, instead of wringing our hands over the world’s suffering, let’s put our heads and hearts together in finding ways to help alleviate it.

This video tutorial might help you decide whether login or registration is right for you. Feel free to post questions or suggestions in the reply form below.

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