by Katie Riedel, on one of our core values:

Positive – I think positive thoughts and I speak positive words.

Mindset is everything.  I’ve been playing this game with myself for the past few weeks.  I call it…Well, it could be worse. See, the way you play is you observe something that irritates you or worries you or disrupts your minute to minute flow of your day.  You identify it as less than appealing in your mind…and then you say: Well, it could be worse. You then proceed to name the way in which it could be worse. Here’s an example:  

My bank account doesn’t have enough money to pay the bills this week! Well, it could be worse.  All those numbers on the internet banking screen could be red instead of black.


My staff is bickering and everyone is calling me to tell on each other.  Face palm. Well, it could be worse. They could just up and quit and I would not have anyone to help me with all of this work on my plate.


Boys!  You need to use your KIND words with each other, please stop being so rude…think of something nice to say to him.  Well it could be worse. They could be punching each other’s lights out. (Which, depending on the day, truly COULD be happening at my house.)

Admittedly, this is a through the back door method to positivity.  It’s a back-handed way to embrace gratitude. But sometimes, it’s all we’ve got.  Life happens and it presents challenges and lessons and they are not all linear and predictable.  Sometimes we might have to really dig through that pile of burdens in order to find the blessing. The point is to recognize this as an opportunity to grow, improve and expand.  Perhaps the simplest method to stay positive is to make the mistake, learn from the mistake, forgive ourselves for the mistake, and simply commit to trying harder tomorrow. As Rev. Gary says, there is never any shame in Day 1.  

I mean, things could always be worse.

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