by Courtney Holton

In our house, we’ve been talking about the impacts to our sociology. There will be impacts, of that I am certain.

All of my life I have learned how to wake up, go to work, earn money to pay for the bills and debts of being a human that needs shelter, food and water.

The system is not designed to nourish our creative and passionate impulses. It is not supportive of developing our spiritual connection or knowledge of self. It is not conducive to keeping us in balance with the natural rhythms of the earth. We run. And we keep running. Trying to stay one step ahead because falling one step behind could be disastrous in a system that is not forgiving.

Where does our money go? Phrased another way, where does our time and life go? We trade our time and life for money. Who has the money? Who has our life? Who has us?

We’ve probably all seen the reports coming in from all over the world of how nature is recovering from us. I wonder how we’re going to recover from a corrupt system. Who will we find ourselves to be during this time when we are not running?

We are Divine beings, here in an expression of life, with the purpose of creating. We were not meant to be pack mules or cattle. The earth freely gives everything we need. Why would we ever think that being in debt is ok or just the ways things are?

Why would we enable a system that promotes disease when our natural function is health?

Why did we agree? And when will we take back our consent?

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