(but probably the easiest way to serve our congregation)

by Jenny Jurica

“Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort.” –Norman Kolpas

The Hospitality Team at Unity of New Braunfels is responsible for keeping the coffee flowing on Sunday mornings, providing a comforting snack for those who forgot to grab breakfast in their eagerness to get to Sunday services, or for those who just can’t walk past a plate of sweets without stopping to check it out. 

But, being on the Hospitality Team isn’t just about filling the stomachs of our members and visitors. It’s about feeding the souls of those who pass through the kitchen with a kind, “good morning!” or maybe just a smile. As a member of the Hospitality Team, it’s your face who will greet newcomers as they gravitate toward the kitchen (what IS it about kitchens that cause folks to gather there?) and it’s your warm handshake or hug that will greet the friends that you see every Sunday. 

The requirements are super simple: Coffee and snacks. You can make your own snacks to share, or if you’re in a time crunch, you can always swing by the store or donut shop and pick up something yummy to bring. There is something so rewarding about offering the comfort of a hot cup of coffee and a snack to our friends at church. 


[Pictured above are Velma Delagarza, Gail Douglas, and Josie Brestle. See our Hospitality Team page to contact the team leader, Sharon Levett, for more information or to offer your service.]

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