One of our core values is “Spirit-filled”. Katie Riedel exemplifies this condition, and shares her wisdom.

You’ve seen it on a t-shirt, perhaps on a bumper sticker – Good Vibes Only. You’ve heard it in a Beach Boys song…I’m picking up Good Vibrations. She’s giving me the excitations…

That’s what Unity is: Good Vibes Only – embracing the good and releasing the negative, right?

Many of us step foot on this path of spiritual growth expecting it to lead us upward, hoping to become something better than we are now, gathering lots of wisdom along the way. But what may surprise you is when you realize the path isn’t taking us onward but inward. And we are not so much gathering things as we are letting them go.

God will allow us to dig ourselves into our own stress-filled situations and then wait patiently for us to embrace the Spirit and find relief. The most miserable times sometimes become the very vehicle God uses to bring us back into relationship with him.

And the positive energy and love we can give to others heals our own wounds.

The very best goal in life is to aspire to know the truth of who we already are.


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