First Time Visitor? What to Expect

First Time Visitor?

All are warmly welcomed, accepted, and honored at Unity of New Braunfels. (Do you need directions to 408 Gruene Road?)

What to Expect

Our 9:15 Sunday service is quiet and reflective. It includes a time for interactive discussion on the day’s topic, guided meditation, and music.

Our building is handicap accessible. Professional nursery care is provided for both services, but children are perfectly welcome in the sanctuary as well. Dress as casually, comfortably, formally, or flamboyantly as you wish — colorful is our middle name.

As the early service attenders exit (usually between 10:20 and 10:30) they are encouraged to stay for refreshments and fellowship with those arriving for the 11:00 service. Our foyer quickly begins to resemble this scene …




Roxanna & Chris

But don’t worry, you will not be accosted by unidentified huggers without your express consent. You will be sedately welcomed by a team of smiling greeters who will assist you from your car in the pull-through at the front door if needed, hand you a bulletin, and direct you to the welcome table where you can fill out a name tag and pick up literature if you wish. A friendly guide will be standing by to answer any questions you may have and, if children are in tow, help you sign them in and escort you to their classrooms.

Speed Greeting

In addition to the hugfest, inclusive conversations circulate freely during the short half hour between services, with no cliques or self-absorbed threesomes blocking their flow. The first Sunday of each month is Picture Day, which allows us to keep our in-house digital family album current. The second Sunday is Speed Greeting.

Our 11:00 service is energetic and joyful, celebrating a blend of traditional worship and new thought principles. Videos of Rev. Gary’s Sunday talks are archived for viewing any day, any time. Beginning in June of 2019 our 11:00 services will be livestreamed on the home page of our website. ( During both services, first time visitors are asked to stand and tell us your name and where you’re from so we can love and bless you, but if you’d rather not that’s perfectly fine. You are not expected to contribute to the offering — your presence is the gift. The children are brought in at the end of the service to hear the final special music, tell us about their lesson, and exchange blessings with the congregation. Then they are returned to the classroom to be safely picked up and signed out by parents. The service concludes around 12:30 with all hands joined and voices ringing in the Unity Peace Song and Prayer for Protection.

Here’s what other newcomers had to say about the experience …

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