Dedication of Nature Sanctuary (4-14-19)

Dedication of Nature Sanctuary (4-14-19)


We couldn’t have asked for better weather for a Palm Sunday march from the church sanctuary to our new Nature Sanctuary, where a short ceremony was held to honor the vision God planted only about six weeks ago in the heart of Joan Kemple and its swift advancement to reality in response from Unity of New Braunfels people. It is a glorious manifestation of the Magic Shamrock phenomenon of thought, mind, and expression described by Rev. Gary in his St. Patrick’s Day lesson.

Birdsong was complemented by the sweet voices of the children in presenting a call-and-response meditation they had written for the occasion.



All are welcome to visit the sanctuary at any time as we continue to contribute to its peaceful ambience with beneficent energy and items to complete the bucolic scene. Its proximity to the Labyrinth makes for a consummate meditation experience any day of the week.

Our Earth Care Team invites your participation in a special Earth Day observance on April 22.

And you can be sure Joan will be bringing her dauntless vitality to the sacred site on a regular basis, ever attuned to the voice of Spirit in maintaining and expanding on the vision.

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