Board of Trustees

President, Sandy Keiser
(April 2019 – April 2022)

Sandy Keiser first visited Unity of New Braunfels in 2013, became a member in October 2014, and is serving her second term on the board. She’s also active on our hospitality and gardening teams. She has a degree in x-ray and radiation therapy from The University of Texas Health Science Center, and has had a long career in the health care industry, during which time she has served as board secretary for 13 corporations and spent 15 years as executive assistant to the president of Humana. She also has experience as board secretary for the Schertz Library Foundation, and as chair of Humana United Way.

Vice President, Thom Ricks
(April 2019 – April 2022)

Thom Ricks, whose spiritual artistry is apparent in the “Namaste Christ” painting he bestowed upon the Unity of New Braunfels sanctuary wall, brings boundless imagination and enthusiasm to his first term on the Board of Trustees. He has led various creative workshops in the church and is currently serving as coordinator for our 21st Annual Fundraiser.

Deb Thomas, Treasurer
(April, 2018 – April, 2021)

Deb Thomas is a founding member of Unity of New Braunfels.  She has served as board treasurer and secretary, speaker coordinator and Sunday school teacher and director.  She believes this is an interesting time in our church.  She has helped to choose 3 ministers and feels she can offer insight in this area.  Having a background in accounting and tax preparation, she understands financial statements and reports.  She has taken many Unity classes, including Overview: Hebrew Scriptures, Lessons In Truth, and more.  Deb possesses great love for Unity of New Braunfels and is eager to continue serving the church that she loves.

Secretary, Heather Sullivan
(April 2020- April 2023)

Heather Sullivan came to Unity of New Braunfels in 2013 and became a member the following year. She currently leads our Future Planning Team and is involved in multigenerational service planning. She is passionate about our community and eager to put her skills and long track record of leadership to use.

Trustee, Christopher Deane
(April 2018 – April 2021)

Christopher Deane grew up in Unity during summer visits with his grandmother. He has been a member for a year and a half where he has served as greeter, Teacher for the Youth and Family Ministry Program, Sunday service coordinator, and Prayer Chaplain. He loves to contribute his Light with this ministry and everyone involved. He is currently as student at Texas State University with a double major in Finance and Accounting.

Trustee, Steven Cleverley
April, 2020 – April 2023

Steven Cleverley has been a member of Unity of New Braunfels for two years and has served as Prayer Chaplain, Platform leader, and Greeter.  He also teaches our UniKids as well as sings in the choir.  Steve has grown in Unity and feels serving on the Board of Trustees is the next step in his journey and growth.  Steve holds an Associate degree in Accounting and has held state licenses in Insurance, Real Estate and Securities (AZ, NV).  Steve currently is a school bus driver for children with special needs.