Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant eating a delicious bowl of soup and look down to see a fly swimming in there? A fly in the soup. A fly in the soup of life. We all have them… Flies in the soup of our life, those moments that bring you down or make you feel angry frustrated sad unsatisfied less than. It’s also really easy to get into a habit of seeing the bad part of every situation instead of focusing on the good. My mom used to say “quit your stinkin’ thinkin’!” But I know this: Positive thoughts result in positive outcomes.

We use our smiles to express joy and satisfaction. Smiling is extremely contagious and the act of smiling itself actually will make you physically feel better. Smiling reduces stress, it enhances friendships, and overall, makes this part of your chest feel warm and happy. So I want you to turn to your neighbor, and look them in the eye. And now give them your most dazzling I’m so happy to be here at Unity of New Braunfels SMILE! And go make it a great day to have a great day!

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