A Changing World

A Changing World

by Courtney Holton

My morning routine has changed since we’ve gone into shelter in place. I used to wake up around 3am and have an hr in silence, then my coffee and off for the day.

Now, I wake and get my coffee then start to see what has changed in the world since I went to sleep. So much is changing so fast. There are so many points to keep an eye on. People are waking up and there is a shift of information that corresponds to it.

This morning, when I sat down outside with my coffee, I read about mounting tensions with our military (Navy) forces. I watched an intense video of Orlando Brown accusing Will Smith of horrible things. I read that Google has been subpoenaed for its records of the scrubbed Clinton emails. And, I saw the most adorable pictures of some Great Dane puppies being their goofy selves.

It is good to know that while the veil is being lifted, life goes on. Looking at things that are hard to acknowledge doesn’t mean that all the beautiful things about life are taken away. There’s beauty. There are also some aspects of life that are really difficult to acknowledge. They don’t go away by ignoring, but by embracing them fully with the intent to understand how to heal them. It is us. And all parts of us deserve to be pulled out of the dark and be exposed to light.

Every day a battle and every day a victory. We only lose ourselves when we give up. Spiritual bypassing of what is dark in us is like throwing in the towel. The darkness in our humanity is not asking us to attack it and defeat it, it’s asking us to look at it and understand so we can then be in a place to choose again. But if we are ignoring, then we are complicit. We give up our opportunity to choose. We give up our inherit right to be sovereign beings created in and of the nature of our creator.

Yes, there are many within humanity who are called to hold the vision of where we want to go. They ground humanity, like an anchor that pulls us toward our truth. There are millions more who would like to be part of that anchor but are unable to hold it consistently. This is where the shift needs to take place. This is where honesty is needed. Ignoring the darkness of our humanity, spiritually bypassing what doesn’t feel good is a cause for stagnant energy. A wafting back and forth. For this shift to happen, most of us will have to be honest and take a look into the darkness of humanity so light can enter.

Ignoring the darkness of humanity doesn’t make it go away, it makes us complicit.

So today I’m going to continue looking into how we have allowed a global assault to happen on the most innocent and vulnerable of us, our children. I am going to keep pulling back that veil, processing my grief with my wife, and then I’m going to have some chocolate cake and play with my dogs. Because it’s all life and it all deserves my attention and energy.

And with that said, if any of you who are pulling your own veils back and find it too much to process, want someone to talk to… I am available. I will talk to you.

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