For Children (or your own inner child) By Leslie Woods – Assistant Minister, Youth and Family Ministry at Unity of New Braunfels

It is important to acknowledge our feelings of anxiety and fear so that we can move past them. These feeling are important, so it is okay to feel them. Remind your child(ren), and yourself, to say thank you to your body for that message. Then, take action on move from that to sense of safety. Remind your child(ren), and yourself to be gentle and patient with each other and yourself, allowing your body to move through this process.

Here are some things your child(ren) and you can do, either individually or together.

✓ Release worries by blowing bubbles. As you blow the bubbles, imagine the wind taking them away with your
worries inside. If the bubble pops, no need to fret, the worry pops too!

✓ Release worries by blowing up a balloon and letting it go!

✓ Do a burning bowl ceremony. Only do this with adult supervision!

✓ Journal or draw how you are feeling.

✓ Sing – use familiar songs about being healthy or feeling good. You may even write new lyrics to a familiar tune.
You can even combine a song with some yoga here! What a fun way to manifest what you want!

✓ Spend time loving on and playing with your pet.

✓ Do yoga, qi gong or tai chi – there are plenty of how to videos on YouTube.
o Fun yoga for kids here. o Tai Chi for kids here. Start at the 4:10 mark. o Qi Gong for kids here.

✓ Spend time outside – count the stars, look for constellations, look for clouds shaped like things, identify birds or
plants, gather items to make a collage.

✓ Create a super-hero that defeats COVID-19 – draw pictures and even create stories about it.

✓ Research and create ways to help others – both now and after things settle.

✓ Engage in an online game with friends. Be sure these are parent approved contacts.

✓ Make a prayer bracelet. You can even make a Prayer of Protection bracelet having a bead represent each line.
If you don’t have beads, you can make a knot in the cord to represent each line.
o The light of God Surrounds us.
o The love of God enfolds.
o The power of God protects us.
o The presence of God watches over us.
o Wherever we are, God is!

✓ Have a brain dump page = write down everything that comes to mind, then look at each item. If you have no
control over it, cross it out. If you have some control over it, ask yourself “What is mine to do?” and write down the answer.

✓ Write down or draw pictures of what you are grateful for.

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