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Unity is considered a movement of new thought, providing spiritual education through God-centered beliefs that empower abundant and meaningful living and enable people to experience oneness with God every day. A playlist of our YouTube videos appears in this spot throughout the week and a live broadcast of our Celebration Service will fill the screen on Sunday mornings at 11:00 CST.

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Family Promise
We rotate with other host churches in league with Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels to provide shelter for families experiencing homelessness. You will have...
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Unity of New Braunfels' own Bob Deschner & Dottie Goodson are the founders of Vet TRIIP. They provide holistic care for veterans, free of charge....
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Maintenance Team
Many of the small and large projects involved in the upkeep of our beautiful facilities can be done by volunteers. If you are handy with...
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Youth & Family Ministry
Our Youth & Family Ministy Director, Leslie Woods, is eager to help you find your Sacred Service niche in one of these ways. She Wants...
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Communications Team
Our webservant, Mary Boren, is the facilitator for this team, which exists to forge connections among our congregants and reach out to the surrounding virtual...
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Audio/Video Team
Team Leader, Owen Howson, is the wizard behind the curtain, twisting knobs in the sound booth to keep the Sunday morning services synchronized, then creating...
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Sacred Corner Bookstore
Sales Coordinator Share in the joy of a new purchase as you take care of the purchasing transaction. Also, tithes may be collected via the...
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Landscape Team
Many hands equal light work in maintaining our beautiful grounds. There is something for everyone to do. Join the fun and fellowship in caring for...
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Hospitality Team
Hosts and hostesses prepare refreshments served between and after services. Team members also assist with potlucks and special events. Yes, I'm Interested! Speak with our...
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Community Life
Team facilitator is Cathy Oberkampf, shown above at the sign-up table in the foyer, who will be happy to help you find your Sacred Service...
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Prayer, Practical Care, and Future Planning
Consider one or more of these Sacred Service callings. Prayer Chaplain If you have been an active member for a least a year and would...
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Your Idea Here
If you are being called to sacred service in a special way that hasn't yet been established at Unity of New Braunfels, let's talk about...
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Latest From the Family

Vet TRIIP Makes a Difference!
by Mary Boren "Don't make it about Bob & Dottie—it's all about the vets." Bob's admonition was repeated several times during my visit on Friday,...
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Glenn Sammons to Lead Maintenance Team
Where there is a need, Unity people step up to fill it. Many of the small and large projects involved in the upkeep of our...
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Talent Call for 21st Anniversary Gala
Calling all performers, entertainers, artists, etc! Do you juggle? Know magic tricks? Sing? Dance? Great! The Entertainment Team is looking for people to perform during...
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Just the Talk (Video, Graphics & Quotes)

Life of Prayer (9-8-19)
Rev. Gary talks about how we can attune to our divine nature so that our lives become a prayer. Sunday, September 8, 2019 “Life of...
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Divine Order (9-1-19)
Rev. Gary shows how we can tune our life energy to the frequency of divine order and realize our full potential. Sunday, September 1, 2019...
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